Fleece Dog Sweater

Dog wearing the sweater.I made this pull-on sweater for my dog to wear while laying around camp after a wet day of hiking. The design features a band collar (mock turtleneck type), large leg holes for free movement, and a shirt tail to cover the rump.

Although the pattern can be scaled to fit your dog and fleece is stretchy, the tube-type construction of this sweater makes it hard to put on and take off of large dogs. This pattern is more suited to medium-sized and smaller dogs. For larger dogs, I suggest using a coat-style pattern that lays like a blanket across the back and closes with straps under the tummy and across the chest. Look in Other Resources for such a pattern. Many of the sweaters for greyhounds have this type of construction.


This pattern fits a 40 lb short-haired female mixed breed with
  • Neck circumference:  17"
  • Girth at chest:  27"
  • Waist circumference:  21"
  • Body length (collar to tail):  24"
  • Chest width (shoulder to shoulder):  5"
  • 1 yard of polyester fleece material, 200 weight
  • thread to match
  • Optional:  matching or contrasting lycra material for binding

Cut:  One of each pattern piece

Instructions:  (seam allowance is 1/4" for a plain seam or 1/2" for a top-stitched seam)
  • With right sides together, stitch BACK shoulders AB to CHEST shoulders AB.
  • Match BACK side CD to CHEST side CD and sew right sides together.
  • Repeat 1st and 2nd steps for the other side of the sweater.
  • With right sides together, fold COLLAR crosswise and sew ends EF together.
  • Turn COLLAR to right side.
  • With the right side out, fold COLLAR to match raw edges.
  • Match COLLAR out side to sweater body right side and sew together.
  • Finish the sweater with either a 1/4" or 1/2" hem or a lycra binding.
  • If you are making this sweater for a male dog, you may want to make the curve deeper on the tail end of the pattern to expose more of the tummy area.
Pattern Pieces:
  • Seam allowances are NOT included.
  • Grid Scale:  1 square = 1 inch
  • BACK
    Gridded pattern of back piece.
    Gridded pattern of chest piece.
    Gridded pattern of collar piece.

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